Call Forwarding

The Fastest, Easiest and Least Expensive Way
to get more customers, increase sales and make more money

A Little known Secret to
Outselling Your Competition:

“Answer The Phone!”

Fact: You’ll Never Make a Sale to Someone
Who has Already Bought From Someone Else.

For only $14.95mo Flat Rate
You Will Always Be First!

Nobody calls your business to leave a message!
Even if they do leave a message, they’ll probably keep calling your competitors until they find someone who answer the phone.

83% of calls are Not answered by the person being called.
Worse yet, 56% of callers hang up Without leaving a message!

Our Call Forwarding Follow-me Systems
Will transfer your calls to you live.
Wherever You Are,
You’ll Never Miss Another Call or Opportunity.

Stop depending on voicemail.
It only tells you what you Missed.

With our Free Call Screening, you’ll decide
which calls to take and which to send to voicemail.

Call Forwarding works on your phones,
or we’ll give you a local phone number
for Free, or a toll free number.

Want More Referrals? Become a “Deal Maker”

While your competitors are collecting messages,
you’ll be making Sales!

And Deal Makers get more Referrals!

Whoever answers the phone first,
is the one who sets the appointment,
gets the listing or makes the sale.
It’s just that simple.

Call Segway Now

Here’s our Guarantee: If you don’t make more sales, get more leads, list more properties, make more appointments, save time and run a better, more efficient business during the first 30 days, you may cancel and pay nothing.

You’ve got nothing to lose.
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