41 Call Management Features

That Turn Your Phones Into a
24/7 Profit Center

VoIP Local and Long Distance Calling
Virtual Office
Virtual and Hosted PBX
Auto Attendant
Day, Night, Holiday Greetings
Dial by Name Directory
Custom On-Hold Message
Automatic (Round Robin) Call Distribution
Call Routing
Unlimited Extensions
Call Screening
Call Transfer
Find Me
Follow Me
Voice Mail
Zero-out to Operator
E-mail Delivery of Voice Mail Messages
Message Delivery to Cell or Alternate Phone
Message Waiting Notification by Phone
Message Waiting Notification by E-mail
Message Waiting Notification by Pager
Fax For EveryoneSM
E-mail Delivery of Faxes
Greeting Only Mailboxes
FAQ Mailboxes
Automated Order Taking
Question & Answer Message Taking
Broadcast Messaging
Group Messaging
Tickler Reminder Service
Wake Up Service
Fax Receiving and Forwarding
Fax on Demand
Never Busy Fax Machine
Fax Broadcasting
Send “Talking” Emails
Toll Free Voice Mail
Toll Free Service
Telecom Disaster Recovery
Always-On TelecomSM
Personal Call Management Advisor

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