Case Study 2

Unified Messaging and Employee Virtual Offices

Client: A Leading Distribution Company


The Customer’s Challenge

This 20-year-old distribution company sells into health food stores, supermarkets and fitness centers. It is critical to get updated product, pricing, promotional and order information to their sales force. This forced managers to spend hours each day on the phone calling their widely dispersed field sales personnel, to bring them up to speed on the latest developments.

The company needed a low-cost, but highly reliable messaging system that worked seamlessly across many states and multiple time zones. They needed to communicate to sales reps in real time, and provide better communication among reps, merchandisers, and customers.

Segway’s Answer: A Custom Hosted Messaging Solution

To meet the customer’s unique needs, Segway developed a custom solution that combines Unified Messaging and Employee Virtual Offices.

The Results: Streamlined communications and improved customer service

Instead of hours, it now takes less than five minutes to deliver up-to-date information to all the company’s sales reps. According to the company, that amounts to a time savings of more 90 percent, which frees management to focus on core tasks, instead of relaying messages.

Since sales reps now receive calls, messages, and orders in real time, they are far more responsive to customers. Field rep productivity is up by as much as 30 percent. And when someone goes on vacation or leaves the company, the business does not lose track of customers, or have messages piling up in a voice mailbox that no one is checking.

Segway Unified Messaging integrates phone, fax, and email communications onto one Internet-ready device.

See for yourself all the benefits of Segway Unified Messaging.

Segway Employee Virtual Offices prevents employees from taking customers with them if they leave.

See all the benefits of Segway Employee Virtual Offices.

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