Now you can offer state of the art Voice Messaging,to complete Unified Messaging without any capital expenses

And, by using Segway Communications’SM infrastructure that’s already in place,you’ll be able to enter the market in a fraction of the time it would take youto buy and deploy your own system.

You can make more money by outsourcing to Segway Communications,than by buying
and maintaining your own voice mail platform.

The large businesses that you and your salespeople are targeting, already havean in-house voice mail system. That means, only very small offices, with a small number of employees, will need you to provide their voice mail. In fact,it is unlikely that you will ever sell enough mailboxes, to pay for your voicemail system.

Whether you resell or are facilities based,by outsourcing:

• You can focus on your core competencies.
• You’ll make more money by treating voice mail as a true profit center with more products to sell, even unified messaging.
• You’ll save money.  There’s no equipment to buy and you won’t have to develop an in-house customer service and management team for your voice mail.
• Segway Communications will be a seamless extension of your company. CLEC’s can also conference their subscribers to our customer care staff.  (“Let’s get a voice mail specialist on the phone.”)  Because of our experience, we can troubleshoot problems in seconds, answer feature questions with authority, and resolve most issues before the subscriber even hangs up.
• We’re a perfect solution for that off-net resale business.

Our low prices mean more profit for you.

We have platforms serving 83 market areas and over 4,000 communities, and we can expand to meet your footprint.

One vendor … One place to call … Easy. Consistent.

PS:  If you don’t want to resell, your sales people can simply pass the subscriber’s name and phone number to us.  We’ll do all the work, bill and support the subscriber directly, and even pay your sales person a referral fee!

Call Shelly Reyes, Indirect Sales Manager
Segway Communications – 866-SegwayCom – (866.734.9292) ext. 878

Worldcom’s Intermedia Communications
and Verizon Street
outsource their voice mail
to Segway CommunicationsSM

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