Don’t let employees take your customers with them when they leave!

Protect and guard your customer base with

Phone and Fax Numbers For Remote Workers

Your business needs to retain control of customer relationships when personnel are unavailable—or leave your company.

The worst case for your business is when salespeople leave your company and take your customers with them. This can happen easily if customers contact your people through employees’ cell phones or home office numbers—instead of through your business number, or a phone number that your company controls. In this situation, your employee, not your company, controls the customer relationship.

Another problem is when an employee is on vacation or ill. Messages pile up in a voicemail that no one is checking.

And what happens when a field salesperson retires and changes his cell phone number, to which your customers have been calling to place orders. Now, your customers have become completely disconnected from your company.

Segway’s Employee Virtual Office Phone and Fax Numbers
give control back to you:

  • Employees are assigned a local or toll free, company owned, phone number for
    customers to call and fax. Calls are automatically forwarded to employee’s cell and home office numbers, and faxes are delivered to your employee’s email.

    Employees still talk to your customers in “real time”, but you control the phone number!

  • When employees are unavailable, or leave your company, you can immediately re-route their calls and faxes to any other person or department.
  • Customers can get through quickly and consistently to place orders, ask questions,schedule deliveries, and more.
  • If a salesperson moves on, your customers stay with you.

Segway’s company controlled phone and fax numbers guard and protects your customer base for as little as only $8.95mo.

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