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Fax-For-Everyone SM
Regular $7.95 mo.
Special: Add Fax-For-Everyone to our Virtual Office packages
for only $4.95mo. per extension

Fax-For-EveryoneSM – A private fax number for everyone or for selected staff members only.
No fax phone numbers to pay for, or fax machines to buy.
Faxes are delivered to e-mail. Save them, print them and forward them, like any other email.

Keep your office open 24 hours day
for as little as $9.95 mo.


A phone call doesn’t have to end with a message! After taking a message, your mailbox can immediately fax information to your caller.
Call 310.859.6999 from your fax machine for a demonstration. See why it’s used worldwide by computer companies, attorneys, real estate professionals, travel agencies – every company with sales literature and information to distribute!

  • Distribute the information your customers want, anytime
  • Addresses and directions to seminars
  • Newsletters and updates
  • Great for customer service, technical support and sales information
  • Perfect for Multi-Level Marketers

Fax Broadcast
$19.95 mo. Plus 9.9 cpm delivery usage

Store your fax number lists in our Fax Broadcast servers. At the push of a couple buttons, your fax will automatically be sent to every fax number on your list. It’s a great way to send product announcements, sales information, seminar invitations, press releases and so much more.

The Never Busy Fax Machine
Regular $11.95/mo.
Internet Special: Now only $7.95 mo. Save 33%

No more busy signals! If your fax line is in use and another fax comes in, the new fax is automatically received and immediately sent to your email or to your fax machine when the line is free. Every fax gets through, even when your fax machine is busy, out of paper or out of order.

For information of any of our Fax Services, please call our office at


5 pages maximum per Fax on Demand document. Rates include up to 100 minutes of fax delivery per month. 9.9 cents per minute thereafter. Faxes delivered to fax machines outside of the US 48 and most of Canada may incur additional phone charges.