Sure, our system has GREAT features.
But we’ll give you 6 more reasons to select
Segway Communications right now:

1. Your Own “Call Management” Advisor (CMA)

When you have a Segway CommunicationsSM Call Management system for your company, you get more than cutting edge technology. You’re assigned a Call Management AdvisorSM (CMA)…an individual who knows your company’s needs, knows your system, and knows how to help you maximize it for greater profit and productivity. Your CMA will become your “point-person” for all your Call Management support issues. You won’t have to start over, explaining your company’s needs to a new person every time you call us. Try getting that kind of personal support from your local phone company or an Internet based start-up.

2. One FREE Month On US

Order a Segway Small Business Solution Package NOW, and we’ll give you your first month FREE. It’s our way of saying “Thanks” for trusting us with your business. In addition, ask us about our generous “Referral Program”. Refer Segway to other business colleagues and get additional FREE Segway service for each new client you refer.

3. Absolutely NO CAPITAL INVESTMENT Whatsoever!!

Your Segway Total Call ManagementSM system will supplement or even replace your existing phone system. There’s absolutely NO capital investment, NO maintenance and NO service contract. All you need is a phone on your desk, and Total Call ManagementM from Segway will be up and running in just minutes.

4. Our Service Is Guaranteed or It’s FREE *

We’re so confident in our Total Call Management service–and your satisfaction–that if our system is down for even a day, that month’s service is ABSOLUTELY FREE! (But don’t plan on our being down. We have a failure rate equal to .002%. That’s actually less than 1 hour over an entire year!)

5. 24/7 “Round-The-Clock” Client Support

We don’t have technicians sitting at their desks from 9-5 only, and then leave you without help if you should need it. We’re on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you ever experience a service problem, just give our Client Service line a call and a service technician will be found to assist you day or night.

6. 25-Years Experience

Go with THE industry leader. Segway Communications has been delivering Call Management and voice messaging technologies to over 1 million customers in the US and Canada, for over 25 years.


*See our Terms for our complete Guarantee.

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