Telecom Disaster Recovery

What will you do when you can’t answer the phones?

Don’t let a disaster (or any business interruption)
Put you out of business!
Effective Telecom Disaster RecoverySM and Business Continuity require:
  • Phones being answered
  • Being accessible to customers
  • Communication with and among employees
But most of all, it requires planning ahead!
During any interruption, you calls can automatically be transferred off site, even out of state.
  • Keep employees updated
  • Let customers and vendors know you’re still operating as usual
  • Callers can be connected to cell, home or temporary facility phones
  • Voice and fax messages can be delivered to your email.
We can set up Hotlines to keep employees informed, take messages from customers and vendors, connect callers live to cell phones and temporary office and even duplicate your entire in-house auto attendant and voice mail platforms out of state. Our low prices and highly reliable and redundant off-site hosted solutions are the best way to insure the continuity of your business.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, or a one-person office, with American Voice Mail’s Telecom Business Continuity and Telecom Disaster RecoverySM services, you might lose your offices, but you won’t lose your business.

Some of our Telecom Disaster RecoverySM Clients, whom you’ll recognize are:

AIG American General Life Insurance Co.
Ceridian Tax Service
City of Pasadena , California
GMAC Commercial Finance
ITT Industries
Levi Strauss & Co.
Motors Insurance Co.
CV Therapeutics
Farmers Insurance
It’s fast and easy to implement. You know you need to do it. Do it today and worry about something else tomorrow.
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Employee Emergency HotlinesSM

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