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Many businesses thought they had to buy their own phone system. Unfortunately, phone system buyers have learned many expensive lessons, the hard way.

The first lesson is that they have to pay the vendor to install it (Big Bucks).

Next, they must usually buy a maintenance contract. Typically 15% – 20% of the phone system price, every year.

But the biggest lesson is that now they’re locked into old technology, even if they bought a state of the art system – which they usually don’t .

A phone system bought only one year ago, is already outdated, and almost obsolete. If you don’t believe it, try to sell one.

By outsourcing your phone system to American Voice MailR , you can subscribe to, and pay monthly for, only the exact features you want to

use. It’s called a Virtual Phone System.

Scale up and down as staff comes and goes. Add a feature for one extension or all extensions, and only pay for what you use. You can experiment with new features with no obligation to keep them.

Customer service is free, and you can change anything you want, as often as you want, at no charge, unless you buy something more.

You have no cost of maintenance, and it’s up to us to keep current with technology. Our systems are far more robust, with far more features, and are far more customizable than most phone systems

costing hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars.

With our Virtual Phone System and Hosted PBX, you’ll get features like:

  • Day and Night Greetings and Menus
  • “Dial-by-Name” Directory
  • Extensions
  • Follow-Me
  • Custom “On-Hold” Messages
  • Call Routing
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Call Screening
  • Free Live Call Forwarding
  • Station to Station Transfer – Transfer Callers to Other People In Your Company
  • Voice Mail
  • Zero-out to Operator or Attendant
  • Sends your messages to your e-mail
  • Notification of new messages by email
  • Notification of new messages by SMS
  • Announcement-Only options
  • Question and Answer message taking format optional
  • Easy to Manage Online
  • Broadcast Messaging – Easily communicate with your entire staff,or selected members of your organization, with one easy message.
  • Group Messaging – Improve communications efficiency between
    members of your organization by
    providing real-time “make, pass and answer” messaging response options.
  • Also Included for Free: Fax Receiving
  • Also Included for Free: Fax messages delivered to your email
  • Also Included for Free: Unlimited Conference Calling
  • US Based Customer Service and Technical Support
  • And much more, custom programmed just for you.


have this fully featured Virtual Phone System
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$39.95/mo plus $9.95/mo per extension


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Additional extensions are only $9.95 ea
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$39.95mo Flat Rate Includes 5 Extensions
$59.95mo includes 10 Extensions and 3,000 call forwarding minutes
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Business Building Tip:

Add Telephone Numbers outside of your local area, even outside the US to your Virtual Phone System. We have local telephone numbers in over 4,000 cities in 58 countries worldwide. You’ll present a much larger image and make customers all over the world want to do business with you, as they call your “local” number.

The fact is, by outsourcing to American Voice Mail, you’ll get a better phone system, with more state of the art features, better support and at a lower cost than by buying any telephone system.

Free Fax to Email includes 100, 200 or 300 fax pages per month based on Package. Excess Fax pages are $.10 per page.Maximum conference size is 150 participants for 3 hours in duration per conference call. Pay 10 and Get 2 Months Free is a Non-Cancellable, Non Refundable, 12 Month Term Agreement that will renew annually until cancelled by either party at the end of the term. Usage charges are not included in the annual rate pre-payment special. Free Call Forwarding & Follow-Me includes all calls to US “48” and most Canadian landlines and most cell phones. Excess Call Forwarding minutes are 3.9 US cents per minute to the US “48”, most of Canada and many other countries. Other international rates vary by country. Add $4.95 for message delivery by phone to US “48” and most of Canada. Rates vary by country. Read My VoicemailSM includes 400 transcribed messages each month. Services subject to our Terms and Fair Use Policy.