Virtual Phone Numbers in Calgary

Real Telephone Numbers in Calgary

that connect callers to you, take messages and receive faxes.

Now: No Per-Minute Charges!
And Free Fax to Email1


Special: Pay 10 Months
and Get 2 Months Free!2

(Annual agreement)


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What is a Virtual Calgary Phone Number?

pagegraphicresellers01 A Virtual Calgary Phone Number is a regular telephone number that is not installed in your office or home. It can be anywhere. In fact, we have Virtual Phone Numbers in 58 countries, worldwide.A Virtual Number allows you to expand your business, and give your customers a local number to call, without the cost of opening a physical location.

You “look” like a local business, but your calls  are transferred to your office or cell number, Virtual Phone Numbers even in a different city or country. Bring The World to You

Virtual Calgary Phone Numbers Special

only $8.95mo Flat Rate


  • A Calgary Telephone Number
  • Answers with Your Greeting
  • Takes Voice Mail Messages
  • Listen to Message by Phone and
  • Message Are Delivered to Your Email
  • Message Notification by Email and SMS
  • Receive Faxes
  • Free Delivery of Faxes to Your Email

Add: Call Forwarding

Talk To Your Callers Live.
With Optional Free Call Screening,
You’ll Decide Which Calls to Take
And Which Calls to Send to Voicemail.
Only $5 mo.1

Now you’ve created a complete “Virtual Office”
Foronly $14.95mo. Flat Rate.3

Free Incoming Calls!
Free Call Forwarding/Follow-Me Calls!

You Will Sound Even Bigger,

When Your Calgary

Virtual Phone Number

Answers With a

Virtual Receptionist And Extensions

only $19.95mo Flat Rate



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We have Virtual Phone Numbers throughout Canada.



Free Fax to Email includes 100. 200 or 300 fax pages depending on the package. Excess Fax pages are $.10 per page. Maximum conference calling size is 150 participants for 3 hours in duration per conference call. Pay 10 and get 2 months free is a Non-Cancellable, Non Refundable 12 month term Agreement that will renew annually until cancelled by either party at the end of the term. Usage charges are not included in the annual prepayment special. Flat rate includes all inbound calls on local phone numbers. Flat rate Call Forwarding Follow-Me includes all calls to US “48” and most Canadian landlines, most US “48” and Canadian cell phones and landlines in some other countries.  International rates vary by country. Read My VoicemailSM includes 400 transcribed messages each month. Rates are plus applicable taxes and recovery fees. Services are subject to our Terms and Fair Use Policy.