Cloud Based Phone Systems

A World-Class Phone System
Without The Cost, Commitment and Aggravation of Ownership

As Little as

$5.95mo Flat Rate!

per Extension


No Per-Minute Charges,

Free Phone Numbers and

Free Fax to Email

Internet Special:

Pay 10 Months
and Get 2 Months Free!

(Annual agreement)


Segway’s Virtual Cloud Based Phone System is a bundle of low-cost, telephone system services.

There is no equipment to buy, maintain, or outgrow. And our advanced Virtual Phone System Platform allows us to customize your services to your specific requirements, all the way down to the individual user.

Stay in touch with your customers.
Our Virtual Phone System includes an Auto Attendant with Extensions that transfer calls to the right person, wherever they are, and re-routes calls when employees are unavailable.

Customers are never trapped in “voice mail jail.”

When you don’t take a call, Segway’s Voicemail will answer and take messages.

Messages are delivered by email and you can be notified of messages waiting by text message.

Messages can be machine transcribed so you can read them.

Also included for FREE is Fax Receiving on each extension with a direct dial number. Faxes are delivered as a PDF by email, so there is no software to download.

This is all part our unique Total Call Management(SM) approach, which ensures that your company will sound like a “Fortune 500 Company”.

Connect all your offices and employees.
Your company can extend full-featured phone system services to any or all of your offices—as well as to sales, service, and other remote or mobile employees wherever they are.

Our services will also reduce cost and complexity when you move or add offices, or expand or reduce staff.

Achieve substantial cost and time savings:

  • Instead of buying expensive equipment, you only pay a small monthly subscription,(Hint: as little as $5.95 per extension) which you can cancel at any time without penalty.
  • There’s no capital investment.
  • We provide all your phone numbers free.
  • No need to wait for your phone company to respond to change requests; you can add, change and delete extensions in real time as needed.
  • Scale up or down in real time, over our Web interface or through our call center reps.
  • Stay current with advancing telecom technology, without investing any money or time.
  • Our services are intuitive and easy to use, so employee training time is minimal.
  • View real-time reports for greater flexibility and control.
  • Become more responsive and competitive. Our “Follow Me Call Forwarding” connects callers in real time whether employees are in or out of the office—or on their cell phone.
  • Fax to E-mail eliminates delay in fax receiving.

Don’t Lose Your Customers When An Employee Leaves. Require remote employees to use Company controlled phone numbers.

Segway’s Cloud Based Virtual Phone Systems connects all your offices and employees—quickly and easily, reliably and economically.

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Free Fax to Email includes 100. 200 or 300 fax pages per month depending on the package. Excess Fax pages are $.10 per page. Usage charges are not included in the annual prepayment special. Flat rate includes all inbound calls on local phone numbers. Flat rate Call Forwarding Follow-Me includes all calls to US “48” and most Canadian landlines, most US “48” and Canadian cell phones and landlines in some other countries. International rates vary by country. Rates are plus applicable taxes and recovery fees. Services are subject to our Terms and Fair Use Policy.