Virtual Office in Alexandria $8.95mo Flat Rate – Virtual Phone Number

Increase sales and customer satisfactions
with Segway’s Alexandria Virtual Office

The higher the goals you set for your field sales people, the more they need advanced telecom solutions to respond faster and more fully to customers. Busy signals, “voice-mail jail,” and  unanswered messages encourage customers to call another number—your competitor’s.

Segway’s Alexandria Virtual Office provides phone and fax services to your field sales and service personnel. Productivity skyrockets when employees deal with customers in real time, without playing telephone tag—or letting messages back up in a corporate voice mail box. There are fewer lost or delayed orders. You
increase sales because your customers stay connected to your

Alexandria Virtual Office Phone and Fax Numbesr can also enhance customer satisfaction, by ensuring that when customers call, your sales people answer. Callers are connected in real time to the people they want to reach—not sent to a corporate voice mail box that may not be regularly checked. Customers can quickly and easily place or change orders, get answers to questions, and schedule deliveries. Customer needs are met promptly and consistently, increasing their satisfaction.

You can also increase customer satisfaction by establishing low-cost Virtual Offices—with local phone numbers—in cities outside Alexandria. Even in 64 countries outside the U.S. This is a very low cost way to create the appearance of a local presence near your customers.

Here’s how Alexandria Virtual Office works for your company and your customers:

Each employee has their own local Alexandria or toll-free number. Callers are transferred in real time to the employee’s cell phone or home office. Callers hear your company’s custom “On-Hold” Message or advertising during the transfer. And, with optional free call screening, employees decide which calls to take, and which to send to voice mail.

When an employee can’t take calls live, callers can leave a voice mail message. Alexandria Virtual Office then notifies the employee of a message waiting and also sends the voicemail message to his or her email. Alexandria Virtual Office can also be set to automatically receive faxes, or you can add a separate number for faxes only. Faxes are delivered to email, where they can be easily viewed, printed, forwarded, saved, or deleted.

Segway’s online graphical user interface (GUI) and web provisioning capabilities enable you to add the features you want in minutes, and to reconfigure your virtual phone system on the fly. You no longer have to wait for your telephone vendor to make changes or add extensions.

Customize your Alexandria Virtual Office with:

  • An Auto Attendant with Unlimited Extensions
  • Day and Night Greetings and Menus
  • “Dial-by-Name” Directory
  • Find-me, Follow-me
  • Custom “On-Hold” Message
  • Call Routing
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • Call Screening
  • Live Call Transfer
  • Voice Mail (or use your in-house system)
  • Zero-out to Operator or Attendant
  • Message waiting notification by email, phone or pager
  • Calls your users to play their messages
  • Sends your voice messages to email
  • Fax receiving
  • Delivers faxes to email
  • Announcement-Only options
  • Question and Answer message taking format
  • Send “Talking Emails”
  • Tickler Reminder service
  • Additional custom features to meet your specific business needs.

Choose Your Phone Number and Virtual Office Package 


If this is starting to look like a complete phone system, that’s because Alexandria Virtual Office is actually one component of our Virtual Phone System capable of providing your business with advanced telephone features for as little as only $8.95mo Flat Rate. Along with our Virtual Office, Segway Communications can provide you with Free virtual local and toll free phone numbers, or keep your own. Port them to us, and you won’t have to pay that phone bill anymore. The cost of obtaining numbers from the phone company—without services—usually exceeds the monthly cost of our complete package of hosted services. We are the only vendor you will need for all of your telecom services.

Segway’s Virtual Office Phone and Fax Numbers increases sales and customer satisfaction and reduce your costs.

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