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Free Fax to Email
Free Unlimited Conference Calling

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  • A New Local Telephone Number (Or Use Your Own. No Need to Lose or Change Your Phone Numbers.)
  • Voice Mail
  • Listen to Messages by Phone
  • Free Email Delivery of Messages to Your Email
  • Listen to Messages and View Faxes on Your Online Web Account

Today’s $8.95 special also includes Free Fax:

  • Free Fax Receiving
  • Free delivery of faxes to your email

All for only $8.95mo Flat Rate
Many competitors charge as much as $16.95 for Fax to Email
Alone! But… If you call us today, we will include fully featured,
Fax to Email for Free!

Add: Call Forwarding –
Talk to your callers live. Only $6 mo.

Now you’ve created a complete Virtual Office
for only $14.95mo Flat Rate
Free Incoming Calls!
Free Call Forwarding/Follow-Me Calls!

Most competitors charge up to 6 cents per minute to transfer calls to you.

But, if you sign up today, we will give you Flat Rate Call Transfer, with NO Per-Minute Charges for only $6mo.

The savings is Huge! For example, if you use only 300 minutes a month, some competitors may charge you an Additional $18.00, just for usage.

Call us today. We cannot do this indefinitely.

Money Saving Tip: If you already have a phone number that you want to use with our services, transfer it to us. You won’t have to pay that phone bill anymore. You’ll get all of our services and end up saving more money than we charge!

We have local voicemail and fax service to over 4,000 US cities and communities, as well as local voicemail and fax services in thousands of cities in 58 countries worldwide.

When we say Flat Rate, we mean Flat Rate!

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PS: Don’t be fooled by competitors. Most require you to use a Toll Free number with their service. Why? Because it’s all they have, and it’s how they make their money – Usage! You pay for every minute of every call you receive, every minute of every call that is transferred to you, and for every minute of every call you make to pick up messages. At American Voice Mail, a toll free number is your choice.

PPS. Look out for competitors who quote a low rate, and then charge you 13 times a year (4 week billing). What’s THAT all about? You sure wouldn’t pay your rent that way.

PPPS. And look out for others who charge a $25.00 set up charge! Wow! Our set up charge is only $5 for Voice Mail and $10 for Voice Mail & Call Forwarding, and we have special corporate rates and quantity discounts.

Customize your voice mail by adding:

Phone Book Listings: Phone numbers you get from us can be listed with the phone company, in your name or company name. You’ll be listed in Directory Assistance now, and your number will be printed in the next phone book. Rates vary by phone company.

Rotational Mailboxes (Automatic Call Distribution): Callers and messages are distributed equally to employees on a ’round robin’ basis, whether employees are in the same office or scattered around the world. Add $4.95 per extension in ACD group.

Question & Answer: Your voice mailbox can ask questions, record responses and even ask different questions depending on the answers given by your callers. add $9.95/mo.

Automated Order Taking and Surveys: Program your Voice Mail to ask your callers questions, one at a time, and record their answers. $9.95/mo (Regular $19.95/mo.) Includes 8 questions. $2.00/mo for each additional question. Responses are delivered to you by email as a single voice message.

Fax-On-Demand: Store documents in your Virtual Office, and offer your callers the option of receiving one or more of them. $4.95/mo. (Reg. $9.95/mo.)

Fax Broadcast: You can store lists of fax numbers in your Virtual Office and then fax once to your Virtual Office number. Your Virtual Office will promptly refax it to every number on your list $4.95/mo + 9.9 cents per minute of delivery time. (Reg. $19.95/mo.)

Paging: Your callers can be offered the option of paging you. If your caller enters their call-back number, it will appear on your pager. If the caller leaves a voice mail message, your Virtual Office number will be displayed.

Pagers: If you don’t have a pager, we do. Ask us for a Free Pager with low airtime rates.

Free Fax to Email includes 100, 200 or 300 fax pages per month based on Package. Excess Fax pages are $.10 per page.
Maximum conference size is 150 participants for 3 hours in duration per conference call. Pay 10 and Get 2 Months Free is a Non-Cancellable, Non Refundable, 12 Month Term Agreement that will renew annually until cancelled by either party at the end of the term. Usage charges are not included in the annual rate pre-payment special. Free Call Forwarding & Follow-Me includes all calls to US “48” and most Canadian landlines and most cell phones. Excess Call Forwarding minutes are 3.9 US cents per minute to the US “48”, most of Canada and many other countries. Other international rates vary by country. Add $4.95 for message delivery by phone to US “48” and most of Canada. Rates vary by country. Read My VoicemailSM includes 400 transcribed messages each month. Services subject to our Terms and Fair Use Policy.