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Has your company outgrown your existing voicemail system?

Your voicemail system may not have the advanced, new voice mail capabilities that employees need and customers expect.

There may not be enough extensions for your users—or sufficient storage space for messages.

Does your voicemail system receive faxes and give your employees desk-top faxing?

Are you opening new locations and don’t want to buy an expensive voicemail system for a small staff?

Instead of buying and installing an expensive new system, your company can outsource your voice mail system to Segway.

For as little as only $5.95mo Flat rate per user, our hosted voice mail system provides all the latest features, such as Call Forwarding, so you can talk with your callers “LIve” instead of trapping your callers in “Voice Mail Jail”;  Messages delivered to your email and even transcribed so you can read them; Fax sending and receiving with faxes delivered to your email, so you can receive your faxes anywhere.

All with No Equipment to Buy, Fix or Outgrow.

Segway’s online user interface and web provisioning enables you to add the features you want in minutes, and to reconfigure your voicemail system on the fly. You no longer have to wait for your equipment vendor to make changes or add extensions.
Don’t want to make changes yourself? Our staff will happily make any changes you want, at No Cost.
You’ll never have to be afraid to call us.

Your company will never outgrow your voice mail system. You will always have the best state-of-the-art features, as well as all the extensions and storage space your business needs.

A Complete Business Voice Mail System:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Day/Night/Holiday Greetings and Menus
  • Dial by Name Directory
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Receive Faxes on Each Direct Dial Extension with email Delivery
  • Desktop Faxing*
  • Information-Only Mailboxes (FAQs)
  • Find-Me, Follow-Me
  • Call Routing
  • Live Call Transfer
  • Your Own Custom “On-Hold” Message
  • Call Screening
  • Individual Private Voice Mail Boxes
  • Zero-Out to Operator
  • E-mail Delivery of Voicemail Messages
  • E-mail Delivery of Faxes
  • Broadcast Messaging – Record and Send Messages to All Other Mailboxes
  • Group Messaging – Record and Send Messages to Certain Other Mailboxes
  • Message Delivery to Cell or Alternate Phone.*
  • Message Notification to Cell (SMS), Phone, E-mail or Pager.
  • Read My Voicemail(SM) Transcribes Voice Messages So You Can Read Them*

Along with our Voicemail System, Segway can provide you with free telephone and fax numbers.

And, because our network goes into over 70 countries, you can bring all of your staff into one voicemail system, no matter where they are located.

The fact is, your company can save more in telephone company monthly charges, than our services cost! (Hint: as little as $5.95mo per user!)

Now that you know what a state of the art business voicemail system can do, we ask again: “Has your company outgrown your existing voicemail system?”

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