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Voice Mail &
Voicemail Service

Packages start at only $9.95/mo Flat Rate!

Attention Voice Mail Customers:

Plain-Old Voice Mail Doesn’t Work!

Yes, it
will answer your phones and take a message,
but guess what…

Nobody Calls Your Business,
to Leave a Message!

When customers and prospects call your business, they want to talk with someone now.

Now is when they have the interest and time.

Don’t you want to talk with someone who’s interested in what you sell, and has the time to talk with you about it?

Of course you do. So why do you think it’s OK to throw them to voice mail?

It isn’t.

What can you do about it? Well, if you’re a huge corporation, you can spend millions of dollars on sophisticated call management and voice mail systems, and hire a staff of IT experts to install, enhance and support it.

If you’re not, you can talk with us. We’re the national leader in hosted voice mail service and systems. That means, we’ve built the best state of the art voice mail, unified messaging and Internet messaging systems, and we’ve placed these systems in 83 Central Offices strategically located around the country, in order to provide our clients, in over 4,000 communities, with personalized, custom communications packages, all with no equipment to buy, fix or outgrow. And because we’re local, we’ll probably be able to manage all of your calls locally. That means we won’t be talking to you about “800” numbers and long distance usage charges.

Now, You Don’t Have to Be a Fortune 500 Company
To Sound Like One.

Services and Packages

When customers and prospects call your business, they can be answered by a professional Auto Attendant, and transferred to the correct person or department, whether that person is in or out of the office, at their desk, or on their cell phone. If that person is still unavailable, the call can be transferred to another person, or even another office.

“My clients were complaining about getting dumped into
voice mail, with no way to reach me or anyone in my
office directly. Now our clients tell us how happy
they are now that we’re more accessible to them.”

S. Thompson, Insurance Services Agency

“Now the agents in our office aren’t losing any potential
new leads, because all our calls are getting through
to exactly the right agent every time.”

L. Lewis, Real Estate Office Operations Manager

When voice mail messages, must be taken, our systems will immediately call you and deliver the messages to you, as well as send a copy to your email, so you can listen to your voice mail messages over your computer.

Free fax numbers: Everyone can have their own private fax number, with faxes delivered directly to their email, where they can be read, printed, forwarded, saved or deleted, or to any fax machine.

There’s a lot more that we can do for you and your business. You choose from our list of 38 call management features to create the right, customized system for your office.

“Don’t settle for plain, vanilla voice mail.
Getting all we have from Segway, with no equipment to buy,
is a ‘No Brainer’. I wish every decision were as easy to make.
Any other solution is like throwing your money down the drain.”

Bill Adams, Adams Business Services,

If you’re ready to do business in “Real Time“,
call our office right now.


Services and Packages

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