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Our Virtual Phone System & Hosted PBX services include Auto Attendant, Unified Messaging, Voice Mail, and Internet Messaging solutions that transfer calls to the right person, wherever they are, and re-route customer calls when employees are unavailable. Customers are never trapped in “voice mail jail.” This is all part our unique Total Call ManagementSM approach, which ensures that on-hold time is minimized and staff efficiency is maximized. The communications process is streamlined and consistent. 

Instead of buying and installing an expensive new system, your company can outsource voice mail to
Segway Communications

For a very low monthly cost, our hosted voice mail system provides all the latest features, such as “Find Me, Follow Me,” Unified Messaging, and email delivery of voice messages. With our VoIP services you also can make low-cost local and long-distance calls. There is no capital investment—no equipment to buy, install, maintain, or upgrade

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