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Telecommunication is the transmission of signals over a distance for the purpose of communication. In modern times, this process almost always involves the sending of electromagnetic waves by electronic transmitters but in earlier years it may have involved the use of smoke signals drums or semaphore. Today, telecommunication is widespread and devices that assist the process such as the television, radio and telephone are common in many parts of the world. There is also a vast array of networks that connect these devices, including computer networks, public telephone networks, radio networksandtelevision networks Computer communication across the Internet such as
e-mail and instant messaging,is just one of many examples of telecommunication.

Telecommunication systems are generally designed by telecommunication engineers. Major contributors to the field of telecommunications include Alexander Bell who invented the telephone (as we know it), John Logie Baird who invented the mechanical television and Guglielmo Marconi who first demonstrated transatlantic radio communication. In recent times, optical fibre has radically improved the bandwidth available for intercontential communication helping to facilitate a faster and richer Internet experience and digital television has eliminated effects such as snowy pictures and ghosting.

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