Segway Communications is one of the largest privately held hosted telecom services companies in the United States. Since 1977, we have met the telecom needs of more than one million clients in the U.S. and Canada—including many Fortune 500 companies, US, State and Local Government Agencies. Even some telephone companies outsource their subscribers’ messaging needs to us.

Industry Leadership

Segway pioneered the hosted telecom services industry, years before terms like “Automated Attendant” and “Voice Mail” were coined. In 1977, we were the first company to introduce hosted services for businesses. Since then we have continued to lead the way with advances such as:

  • Local and Toll Free Numbers throughout the US, Canada and 70 Countries Worldwide
  • Redirecting calls to remote offices and to the cell phones of off-site personnel
  • Voice and Fax messages to email
  • Internet and Desktop Faxing
  • Virtual (Cloud Based) Voicemail Systems
  • Virtual (Cloud Based) Phone Systems
  • Virtual (Cloud Based) Automated Attendants
  • Employee Emergency Hotlines
  • Question and Answer Mailboxes
  • Special Programs for the MLM Industry

Low-Cost Hosted (Virtual) Telecom Solutions

Hosting means that we make all the investment in the equipment and its maintenance. We hire all the technicians and the support personnel. And we continually upgrade our systems with new technology. No equipment is placed in your offices. There’s no equipment for you to buy, maintain, or outgrow. All the technology is located in our Central Offices that provide local service to thousands of cities in 70 countries worldwide.

Unsurpassed Customer Service and Support
Every client is assigned a Call Management Advisor, an experienced telecom professional who knows your company’s needs, your system, and how to help you maximize it for greater profit and productivity. Your Call Management Advisor is your “point-person” for all your issues—from setting up your system, to implementing changes as your needs evolve, to facilitating technical support. We also have an in-house team of highly skilled technicians who support our systems 24/7.

Debt-free, Stable, and Secure

We’re debt free and consistently profitable, which allows us to aggressively reinvest in technology. We pride ourselves on our lasting customer relationships, and commitment to the highest standards of business integrity. And, in a world of high turnover rates, our average employee has been with us for more than eight years.

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