Always-On TelecomSM

Extend your Business Continuity Plan
to your telephone system

Boost your Business Continuity plan with Segway’s Always-On Telecom. In the event of any carrier or onsite interruption, Segway’s reliable and redundant offsite systems automatically implement your custom Always-On Telecom solution:

  • Calls can be transferred off site, automatically and seamlessly.
  • Callers can be connected directly to cell phones, home phones, or temporary facilities.
  • Customers and vendors can leave voicemail.
  • Voice and fax messages can be re-routed to email addresses where they can be played or viewed.
  • Segway can duplicate your entire in-house auto attendant and voice mail platform off site for “warm backup”.

Preserve customer relationships.
Your company continues to interact with customers, assuring them, for example, that orders, deliveries, and inquiry responses will not be delayed—or lost. This helps you keep your customers, and minimize or avoid lost revenue.

Meet essential business objectives.
Maintain vital communications with vendors and service providers, ensuring that internal and customer needs continue to be met.

Minimize costs.
The cost of these services is remarkably low and the benefits to your business are substantial.

In an emergency, do your employees know where to go and what to do? They will with Employee Emergency Hotlines.

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