Everything You need to Turn Your Home into a
Complete Virtual Office

So, you’ve got an idea that can make you millions. Instead of working 9 – 5 for someone else, you’ve decided to go into business for yourself and work 24/7 to make yourself rich. You want to move fast, without spending money fast. The solution many people exactly like you have found is the Virtual Office.

The Virtual Office is the next generation, work-at-home toolbox with everything you need to start your business looking like a larger, established, trustworthy business, right from day one.

A Virtual Office starts with a telephone number. But what kind of phone number? If you only sell your products or services in your local area, then get a local phone number. But, if you do business regionally or nationally, then you should use a toll free number. Studies have proven that customers are far more likely to call a toll free number then they are to make a long distance call. Finally, if you do business internationally, get a phone number in the country in which you do business. You’ll look like a local company, or at least a company with a local office. An International Virtual Office service provider can give you a phone number in dozens of countries for the same per-minute cost of a US Toll Free number.

Now that you’ve got your phone number, you’re ready to start your business. Almost. You still have to decide what your callers will hear when they call you. Don’t expect them to just leave a message and wait for you to call back. They won’t. Even if they leave a message, they’ll probably call your competition, until someone answers the phone.

By adding “Follow-Me” to your Virtual Office phone service, your callers can be connected to you where ever you are. You’ll never miss a call or an opportunity. And you’ll never hear “Thanks, but I already called someone else”.

When your customers know that they can reach you, you gain their confidence and build credibility as a reputable business.

You can make your business sound bigger and more impressive by adding an Auto Attendant to your Virtual Office. Callers hear a Menu, offering them the choice of different people or departments, such as for Sales press 1 and for Customer Service press 2. Even if you’re the only one in your business and all calls are transferred to you, your callers won’t know that and you’ll sound like a bigger business. Better Virtual Office services will even allow you transfer a call that you get to another person in your company.

Your Virtual Office will also come with voice mail. But a call shouldn’t end with a message. You should be notified that you just received a message or, better yet, have the message delivered to you by phone and sent to your email to be played over your computer and stored there until you delete it. That way, you can get back to your customer in minutes, while they’re still at the number they left.

Finally, your Virtual Office should come with the ability to receive faxes. Faxes are delivered to your email , where you can read them, save them and print them as needed. Desktop faxing is the capability for you to send faxes directly from your computer, making the purchase of a fax machine unnecessary.

So you see, for just pennies a day, you can turn your computer and any telephone into a complete Virtual Office, with a telephone and fax number and phone system with state of the art features that will give your business the credibility to compete on a level playing field against some of the largest corporations in the world.

Mark Gordon is the President of American Voice Mail. American Voice Mail is an enhanced service provider that has provided telephone services to over 1 Million clients. American Voice Mail owns the world’s largest local telephone number network with local telephone service in 39 countries worldwide. Download American Voice Mail’s Free Report: The Virtual Office 10 Phone Services Guaranteed to Get You More Customers, Make More Sales and Reduce Your Cost of Doing Business.

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