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This Pay by Credit Card Form is for both
Segway Communications and
American Voice Mail

Please begin using your Web Account to make payments,
where payments are processed and posted to your
account in Real Time.

To go to your Web Account now, Click Here or continue to make your payment here.

If you don’t have your Web Account login credentials,
please call our office at 877.734.9292 and press 2 for Customer Service.

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I authorize Segway Communications or American Voice Mail, Inc. to charge to my credit card account for the services and products ordered by me. I agree to pay all charges according to the Terms of Sale. A recurring credit card charge authorization shall continue until withdrawn in writing. I agree not to charge-back any purchases for which service has already been rendered, or for products that I have already received. This charge will appear on your credit card statement from AVM Segway.

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monthly charges to your credit card.
 Recurring Monthly Charges

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