Unified Messaging

Increase remote worker productivity and
efficiency with Segway’s Unified Messaging

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Your field sales and service people receive messages throughout the day, by phone, email, and fax. To respond quickly to customers and managers, they have to check voice mail by phone, email on their PC or handheld device, and may not see faxes until the end of the day—which could be too late to make a sale.

Segway’s Unified Messaging brings together voice mail, faxes, and email onto the same Internet device. There is just one local or toll-free number to call. And employees have only one place to check for fax, voice, and email messages. They will save time and effort, and increase their productivity. Your company benefits further, since your employees can respond more efficiently to customer orders, questions, and other communications.

With Segway’s Unified Messaging, your employees can check voice mail from their PC, laptop, or handheld device. They can also receive faxes, yet there is no fax number to pay for, or fax machine to buy.

  • Phones with a local or toll-free voice mail number
  • Follow-Me connects callers to employees in real-time
  • Play custom “On-Hold” Message
  • Take voice mail messages
  • Call users and play voice mail messages
  • Deliver voice mail messages to email inboxes
  • Receives faxes
  • Deliver faxes to email inboxes
  • Sends faxes with Desktop Faxing
  • Retrieve messages and faxes from email or web interface

Segway Unified Messaging increases remote worker productivity and efficiency.