Virtual Office Phone and Fax Numbers

A Virtual Office starts with a local or toll free telephone number.
Now you’re in business…barely.


Flat Rate

No Per-Minute Charges

Internet Specials:

Pay 10 Months and Get

2 Months Basic Rate FREE!

(Annual agreement)

Free Fax to Email

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than Free!

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Only $1.95mo


Customers don’t call a business to leave a message.
They call to speak with someone, now.

By adding “Follow Me” your Virtual Office will connect your callers to you, live!

Most competitors charge as much as 6 cents per minute to transfer calls to you.

But, if you sign up today, we will give you
Flat Rate Call Transfer,
with NO Per-Minute Charges
for only $6mo.

The savings is Huge! For example, if you use just 300 minutes a month, some competitors may charge you an Additional $18.00, just for usage.

But you must call us today. We cannot do this indefinitely.

Now, you’ve a created a complete Virtual Office that will:

  • Answer Your Calls
  • Connect Callers to You Live
  • Take Voice Mail Messages
  • Receive and Forward Faxes
  • Unlimited Conference Calling

All for only $14.95mo Flat Rate.

You’ll Sound Even Bigger
When Your New Office Phone System
Answers With a Virtual Receptionist

With this Complete Virtual Office Phone System,
You’re in Business for Real:

  • A Local Telephone Number
  • Virtual Receptionist and Auto Attendant
  • 2 Extensions
  • Day-n-Night Greetings
  • Dial by Name Directory
  • Your own On-Hold Message
  • Follow Me Call Forwarding
  • Station to Station Transfer – Transfer Callers to Other People In Your Company
  • Call Routing
  • Call Screening
  • Live Call Transfer
  • Voice Mail
  • Voice messages delivered to your email
  • Voicemail will call you and deliver your messages to you
  • Notification of new messages by email
  • Notification of new messages by SMS
  • Announcement-Only options
  • Question and Answer message taking format optional
  • Zero Out to Operator
  • Easy to Manage Online
  • Broadcast Messaging – Easily communicate with your entire staff, or selected members of your
  • organization, with one easy message.
  • Group Messaging – Real-Time “Make, Pass and Answer” Messaging Options.
  • Also Included for Free: Fax Receiving
  • Also Included for Free: Fax messages delivered to your email

This is the kind of phone system YOU hear when you call other businesses.
Shouldn’t your callers hear the same thing when they call your business?

Complete Virtual Office Phone System
Internet Specials

Flat Rate!
Includes 2 free Extensions
Regular: $29.95/mo, plus $9.95 per extension
SAVE $29.90 Every Month!

More Internet Specials:

$39.95mo Flat Rate Includes 5 Extensions
$59.95mo includes 10 Extensions and 3,000 call forwarding minutes
(Quantity pricing is available. Call for a quote.)


Save 38% on Additional Fax Numbers
Regular $7.95mo ea
Special Price only $4.95mo each

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Are you looking for a Toll Free Number Virtual Office?
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These are Specials, which means they may be withdrawn at any time without notice.
If you want to replace or supplement your in-house phone system, please see our Virtual Phone Systems.

Make Your Virtual Office or Home Office
Even More Powerful By Adding:

Phone Book Listings: Phone numbers you get from us can be listed with the phone company, in your name or company name. You’ll be listed in Directory Assistance now, and your number will be printed in the next phone book. Rates vary by phone company.

Surveys and Question and Answer Mailboxes: Ask your callers questions, one at a time, and record their answers. $9.95/mo (Regular $19.95/mo.) Includes 8 questions. $2.00/mo for each additional question. Responses are delivered to you by email as a single voice message.