What Exactly is “Total Call Managementsm“?

  Total Call Management is everything that should happen to a phone call, every time someone dials your business telephone number. It’s your commitment to courtesy, respect and appreciation of your customers, prospective customers, vendors and your office staff.

  Effective Total Call Management is insuring that every caller quickly and efficiently reaches the person or department they’re calling. It minimizes the time a caller is left on hold, and maximizes the efficiency of your staff. It means streamlining order placement as well as the process of dispensing information. When a caller must leave a message, Total Call Management ensures a fast response. Callers, who experience effective Total Call Management, immediately notice the difference, and will reward you with more business.

  Big corporations have invested millions of dollars into sophisticated Call Management systems that small businesses simply cannot afford. But now, through Segway Communicationssm, your company can have the same powerfulAuto Attendant, Unified Messaging, Voice Mail and Internet Messaging Call Management features, but with no equipment to buy, no maintenance contracts, and no technology to outgrow. And, for less than you may be paying for just voice mail…Really! Less than just voice mail.

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